I found 2 ways of moving and navigation in dreaming so I'll try to explain it, maybe someone can relate to it.

First is when you move from place to place, for example from IBs world to DDs world and you can make maps for the paths but they are reasonable only in this specific dreaming context from my experience. I suppose that's because in this case, one doesn't feel/know the totality of the universe/reality/everything, just the little portion of it. On Earth you can imagine the map of your city for example so when you say left from the main square, that makes sense. In dreaming, you have to be there for that to have sense. If moving within one world, map is much more understandable because then, you feel where is the boundary of the world, you can feel all of it as a unit. 

Second is when you use energy body itself. It is much faster and it reminds me of going to the IBs world. It all happens inside of myself/energy body and there is no going from place to place in this case, everything is here. I will try to explain how I do it.
I see myself as energy fibers that are constantly moving and which are thicken in a ball looking shape. Fibers can stretch out of this shape also because they are connected to the outside fibers (there is no an outline to the ball shape). I didn't stretched out of my shape/the outside fibers yet but it can be done. So, I control the moving by molding myself inside the shape to reach a familiar posture. The familiar posture is actually a certain position of fibers that are somehow locked in a position. When in posture, I can see the energy or have a view of the dreaming place. If I choose to dream inside this view, I have to keep myself locked in that energy posture. If I want to dream away, I just bring back the energy view and start changing it. When changing it, fibers move fast, they light or distinguish as fire flames and every possible position is here. When I reach the position, fibers still move but slower, or better to say they wiggle, and then I can start looking at dreaming place and also move within it as described in first option.
I could say that there are infinite possible postures inside this thicken ball looking shape. I haven't seen the AP as DJ represented it in books or the energy body as shown in your chart Dreamways, but it makes sense that the key/code of this specific position of energy is AP.
Before seeing myself as energy fibers, of course, I have to know that I am dreaming first. After this realization, I feel the whole dream, the concrete things that I'm looking at and myself. Now, because I've seen that underneath concreteness of the picture of my hands (that one can look at) or of an IB for example is the energy itself, I know that my hands can be seen as lion paws also, or energy and that the whole dream can be seen as energy. Then, I realize that I am energy. And that's it, I see it as that.

Intent is what motors me to a place or position and I suppose that just by intending it and if one has the needed energy, one can move almost instantly.

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