Last night, I was having a conversation with an inorganic being about what its life was like when it still had a physical body. I asked specifically, if it had ever perceived such a thing as an inorganic being before it had become one itself. It answered, "I don't know." Which was the last thing I expected it to say since they usually come across as practically omniscient. So I asked it why it didn't know, and it said that when it had a body, it did not have the same intensity of identity that humans have, which meant far fewer memories about its individual existence, and that it now had to rely on "seeing" more than recollection to understand what its personal life had been before. I responded, "But you guys turned into massive egomaniacs anyway." Which it retorted, "Yes, we are just like you now." The last thing I remember was thinking that the winged beings I had seen them as before, when discussing their original primeval form, was their dreaming body, and that now I was seeing their original physical body for the first time, a very large snake, oddly writhing on the ground in front of me.

"The reason sorcerers have to take energy from the realm of inorganic beings is because there is no other viable energy for sorcerers." 
--Don Juan Matus