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    "The second attention is like an ocean, and the dreaming attention is like a river feeding into it. The second attention is the condition of being aware of total worlds, total like our world is total, while the dreaming attention is the condition of being aware of the items of our dreams." --Don Juan Matus
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  • 2. Nagualism, Lineages, Totems & Other Paths Of Sorcery
    "The old sorcerers preferred the shifts of the assemblage point, so they were always on more or less known, predictable ground.
    We prefer the movements of the assemblage point. The old sorcerers were after the human unknown. We are after the nonhuman unknown." -- Don Juan
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  • 3. The Passing Of Carlos Castaneda And The Return Of Don Juan
    "As long as a man feels that he is the most important thing in the world, he cannot really appreciate the world around him. He is like a horse with blinders; all he sees is himself, apart from everything else." --Don Juan Matus
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  • 4. Energy Bodies, Chakras, Lucid Dreaming, Visions, Astral Projection & Inorganic Worlds
    "Once the energy body is within a certain range, which varies for each of us individually, anyone, through discipline, can forge
    it into the exact replica of their physical body; that is to say, a three-dimensional, solid being. Hence the sorcerers' idea of the other or the double.
    By the same token, through the same processes of discipline, anyone can forge their three-dimensional, solid physical body to be a perfect replica of their
    energy body; that is to say, an ethereal change of energy invisible to the human eye, as all energy is." --Don Juan Matus
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  • 5. Inorganic Beings, AKA: Aliens, Djinn, Fairies, Angels, Spirits & Allies
    "Both trees and inorganic beings last longer than we do. They are made to stay put. They are immobile, yet they make everything
    move around them. Inorganic beings are stationary like trees. What one sees in dreaming as bright or dark sticks are their projections. What one hears as the
    voice of the dreaming emissary is equally their projection. And so are their scouts." --Don Juan Matus
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  • 6. Carlos Castaneda , Carol Tiggs, Taisha Abelar, Florinda Donner & Other Nagualist Authors
    "Carlos Castaneda (December 25, 1925 - April 27, 1998) was a Peruvian-born American author. Starting with The Teachings of Don Juan
    in 1968, Castaneda wrote a series of books that describe his purported training in traditional Mesoamerican shamanism. His 12 books have sold more than 8
    million copies in 17 languages." --Wikipedia
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  • 7. Resisting Flyers/Demons/Shadow Beings By Confronting The Tonal As A Warrior
    "Impeccability begins with a single act that has to be
    deliberate, precise and sustained. If that act is repeated long
    enough, one acquires a sense of unbending intent which can be
    applied to anything else. If that is accomplished the road is
    clear. One thing will lead to another until the warrior realizes
    his full potential." --Don Juan Matus
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  • Türkçe olarak Nagualizm ve Büyücülük (Turkish)

    İngilizceden Türkçeye ,seçilmiş çeviriler ve yanı sıra yeni içerik , SpareEnergy'den.

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  • Nagual Forum na hrvatskom jeziku (Croatian)
    NAGUAL FORUM je za Nagualiste, inspirirane djelima Carlosa Castanede.
    Forum je usmjeren na Nagualizam, Vračanje, Anorganska Bića, Jinn, Lucidno Sanjanje i Šamanizam.
    Ova stranica može biti jako dobra referenca za one koje prakticiraju tehnike iz Castanedine knjige "Umijeće Sanjanja"
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  • Język polski Nagual Forum (Polish)
    NAGUAL Forum skierowane jest do Nagualistów, zainspirowanych dziełami Carlosa Castanedy. Skoncentrowane jest głównie na Nagualizmie, Ezoteryce, Istotach nieorganicznych, istotach niefizycznych, Świadomym Śnieniu oraz Szamanizmie.
    Strona ta może być bardzo pomocna dla tych którzy praktykują techniki jakie można znaleźć w książce "Sztuka Śnienia" Castanedy.
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  • Nagual Forum - Ελληνικά (Greek)
    Το Nagual Forum επικεντρώνεται στον Κάρλος Καστανέντα, το Ναγουαλισμό, τη Μαγεία, τα Ανόργανα Όντα, το Συνειδητό Ονείρεμα και το Σαμανισμό.
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  • По български език Nagual форум (Bulgarian)
    NAGUAL форум е насочена към Карлос Кастанеда, Nagualism, магьосничество, неорганични хора, ясен сънувам и шаманизъм.
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